Grandevo® is a microbial-based  insecticide. Grandevo contains several active compounds that repel, stop feeding, reduce reproduction and induce mortality to prevent the development of damaging populations of sucking and chewing insects, flies and mites. Grandevo can be used on a wide range of organic and conventional crops, including fruits, vegetables, nuts and turf and ornamentals.

Grandevo is best used early when adult populations of pests move into a field when caught early. Grandevo may be used as a stand-alone product, just before harvest to manage residues, and in rotation with other insecticides as part of an integrated pest management program.

The following best use practices should be kept in mind to effectively use Grandevo WDG:

  • Make two consecutive applications and apply early.
  • Avoid excessive water volume.
  • Maintain spray solution pH at 7 and a tank mix with a buffering agent is recommended.
  • When populations are high and/or eggs are present, tank-mix or alternate with a contact insecticide (miticide).
  • Apply the knock-down insecticide first. Although repellency and feeding cessation occur within moments of application, it may take up to 7 days to observe the full effects of Grandevo WDG on certain pests.
  • In some cases, dead carcasses may not be observed as pests will fall off the plants or migrate out of field.

Mite Control – Indoor Environment

Our preferred situation is to use Grandevo when mite populations are low and then keeping them at a low level.

  • Be sure to use an adjuvant to maximize coverage of Grandevo.
  • For mite control 3 lbs./100 gallons of water should be your minimum dilution.
  • Grandevo is fairly slow acting and it can take 2-3 applications on a 5-7 day interval before you see the population in noticeable decline.