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Caterpiller Control

It’s that time of year folks, the time when the final heat wave is in the horizon and the caterpillars are out to destroy your garden masterpieces. It’s a beautiful time of year for outdoor parties, swimming and spraying biological insecticide to keep your gardens safe from these pesky pests.

In case you’re not familiar with caterpillars and the damage they do, they’re the type of pest to eat through your fruits, veggies and herbs and you won’t even notice until you go to consume your product. They’re sneaky and we’re here to help.

We recommend spraying biological insecticide your plants BEFORE you have caterpillar issues. Like, even if you don’t see any signs of the little beasties crawling about your garden, spray anyway. It’s called preventative maintenance folks, and you need to handle it.

There are a few different brands of biological insecticide we recommend using:

Dipel PRO


Monterey B.t.

Monterey Garden Insect Spray

Safer Caterpillar Killer